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Lanji Candles

Set of 3 Candle Gift Set | Seasonal Candles

Set of 3 Candle Gift Set | Seasonal Candles

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* Orchid & Lotus Blossom - A fragrant mix of exotic, spicy opening notes fused with rich, indulgent orchid, jasmine and bergamot to create an unforgettable sensory experience. Expertly crafted with natural aromas, this candle will bring any space to life with a luxurious fragrance.

* Rum & Leather - This complex, sophisticated fragrance combines smoky amber notes with warm tobacco tones and is finished with a hint of sweet rum and zesty citrus. Experience the perfect balance of indulgence and aroma.

* Green Grape & Oak - Features a complex and inviting scent of green grapes and oak, combining juicy green notes with ripening apple and grape nuances tempered by a deep oak base. This crisp earthy scent is perfect for setting a cosy and inviting atmosphere.

* Fig & Tuberose - Fig & Tuberose scented candle features a delicate chypre blend of top notes of blackcurrant and green fig leaves, with a heart of white tuberose, and a warm base of musk. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere with this delectable, natural fragrance.

* Bay, Clove & Mint - Brings a fresh and modern blend of English peppermint, oakwood, and bay oil accented with smoky hay. Enjoy the invigorating and relaxing aroma of a rainy spring day.

* Summer Rose & Peach - This scent evokes a sense of a fresh summer's day, with notes of fruity citrus and a gentle floral bouquet of rose, peach, strawberry, gardenia, and jasmine. This sophisticated and timeless fragrance is balanced with the warmth of amber and musk, and a subtle hint of patchouli.

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