About Lanji Candles

Lanji Candles is a handmade scented soy wax candle company owned, run & operated by Suwi Katuka.

Stemming from my love of fragrances and soy wax candles, I discovered that making candles was also a way to calm myself and improve my mental health Particularly after hitting a low point when I developed vitiligo.

Good mental wellbeing is very important to me and thats why every order no matter how big or small come with an affirmation card that you can read whenever you burn our candles.

Each scent is hand picked to help make you feel better in yourself. We use essential oils and fragrance oils to help combat various aspects from anxiety, low mood to sleep deprivation. As I have personally suffered with these I wanted to create something to help others relax Just as it helped me, which is crucial to a positive mindset.

All of our candles are handmade and poured in the UK. We use 100% soy, to ensure all of our products are vegan friendly.


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