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Concrete Tray & Candle Holder Gift Set | Away & Home collection

Concrete Tray & Candle Holder Gift Set | Away & Home collection

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Discover our exclusive Away & Home Collection! Each set includes a hand-crafted concrete tray and matching candle holder, featuring an all-natural texture and pleasantly neutral tones. The tray's modern design and durable materials make it the ideal accessory for any home.

Tray Size:

Length - 25cm

Hight - 2cm 

Width - 17.5cm 

Candle Holder Size:

Height - 11.5cm 

Width - 15cm 

Depth - 10cm 

Product Details:

All the concrete items are protected with a layer of non toxic sealant to minimise discolouration and water absorption. The base of each item have pads to protect your surface from scratches.

Each item is handmade in small batches therefore colours and texture patterns will vary slightly. Due to the nature of concrete characteristics may be present such as air bubbles, varied textures, patterns or varied colourations. We celebrate these differences as they make each piece truly one of a kind!

Care tips:

- Wipe with damp cloth
- Avoid submerging in water
- Avoid harsh chemicals
- Avoid high humidity spaces
- Not dishwasher safe
- Not microwave safe
- Not food safe
- Handle with care
- If you plan to use the candle holder as a planter we recommend you do not plant straight to pot. We recommend placing a nursery pot with drainage into the concrete planter.

About Away & Home UK:

At Away & Home UK, imperfections are celebrated as character and we aim to reflect this through our homeware. Each piece is individually handcrafted with care and consideration. We embrace every marking, pattern, and air bubble as part of the process and that piece’s individual story. Everything is made by the hugely talented Kandis, check out more of her work here:


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