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Get exclusive scents without thinking about it. Choose your subscription and choose your package, then sit back and see the candles roll in.


The Wax Melt Package - You will get 1 pack of exclusive waxmelts each month. 

The Candle Beginner Package - You will get 1 exclusive candle each month. 

The Candle Loving Package - You will get 2 exclusive candles each month.

The Subscriptions:

You can choose between a 3 Month, 6 Month and 12 Month or a Continuous Subscription

The 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions will be upfront payments so you pay the full term of your order when you subscribe. 
The continuous subscription is ongoing and you will be charged monthly for this subscription until you cancel.
You will have complete control over orders you can pause, skip, cancel orders anytime. If you cancel or pause your subscription after payment has already been taken we can not offer a refund, your subscription will be processed and sent out as stated.
Packages will be sent out on the 4th of each month, if the 4th falls on a weekend then packages will be dispatched the next Monday. If you order before the 15th of the month we will send out that month's box straight away, then all other boxes will be sent out on the 4th of the next month. If you order after the 15th of the month your first box will be sent out on the 4th of the following month. 


Is shipping included?

Yes, shipping is automatically deducted from this item at checkout. Giving you a saving of £3.00 No code is needed at checkout.

You will still have the ability to include other items at checkout if you wish. Shipping will not be deducted from those items.

When will I be charged?

The payments for the 3, 6, and 12-month subscriptions will be taken upfront when you add this to your checkout. Each subscription will last 1 cycle, and once your paid cycle is finished you will have to purchase another cycle if you would like to continue.
The continuous subscription is a monthly subscription, you will be charged monthly for this subscription, you can pause, skip, and cancel orders anytime. Billing will be done monthly on the 1st of each month. You will be automatically charged and an automatic email will be sent to you once this is done.

How do I choose what scent I want to include?

We carefully pick which fragrances to send you each month. these will vary from exclusive scents to the season's best sellers, so you can look forward to a lovely surprise each month!

How can I cancel my Subscription?
You will have complete control over orders anytime by logging into your customer portal. After your order, you will receive an email with a call to action button "Manage Subscription" that will take you to the customer portal. from here you can pause, skip, and cancel orders anytime.
Please be aware that if you cancel your 3, 6 or 12 Month subscriptions we cannot offer you a refund. Your subscriptions will be sent out as per your order. If you cancel your continuous subscription  after your monthly payment has been taken from your account, then you will still receive the current month’s box, but you will not receive any boxes after that date or have any further payments taken from your account.

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